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Client testimonials

"Sandrine was commissioned to create some illustrations for my wholesale catalogue. My brief was to create some beautiful hand drawn images of each of my items. She far exceeded my expectations, her work was outstanding and of the highest quality possible. She worked very fast and stayed close to my ideas and I would definitely recommend her."

Louise Sandberg Fashion designer, Louise Sandberg Kaftans

"Recommendation for Sandrine: In the fall I was looking for a costume designer for my NY show. I luckily found Sandrine. I was attracted to her because of her engaging photos and designs. We emailed ideas back and forth. She faxed me several amazing designs in a very timely way which were very perceptive and beautifully detailed. Unfortunately we were never able to finish because my husband had heart surgery but if we had I am sure I would now have 2 amazing costumes. I highly recommend Sadrine for her big hearted, colorful, creative, up beat designs from soup to nuts and her positive personality. I would hire her for my design team in a nanno second. Sincerely, "
Barbara Dancer and Client

"When I asked Sandrine for some ideas for a dress for song recitals, I expected a couple of sketches and 2 or 3 ideas for fabrics. Sandrine sent me a completely personalised portfolio of drawings, beautifully executed, with fabric samples and suggestions for colour and detail. Sandrine is an artist who understands the meaning of Romance and Drama and will excite you with her ideas and enthusiasm."
Geraldine Rowe, Soprano and client 

"A vibrant and talented artist, with a great dedication to detail... Very hard-working."
Woyimi Patel, Fashion designer, Kensington

"Gosh, you are talented! What lovely colour illustrations!""Thank you for illustrations. They are brilliant!"
Sandra K. and Julia B. at the London School of Samba

"A uniquely multi-talented individual and a great artist. Beautiful brush strokes."

Charles Cox,  EDS (Private client,  paintings)

"I have worked with Sandrine recently and am delighted with her adaptation opf my ideas into detailed fashion illustrations. Her consultation advice has been very useful for me as a small start up in London where so many factors have to be considered in this ever changing fashion scene. Sandrine is a professional and an experienced entrepreneur."

Kandace, KandiRoots/Troditions African print clothing and accessories (Brand Marketing Consultancy, Fashion design, Illustration)

"Thank you for your Fashion career advice talk, very motivating fashion workshop. The children absolutely loved it."
Jen Smith, Roding Valley High School, Arts Awards Convention 2008

"Great design and illustration work. Very good time-management, too...."

Yvonne L., Maquien designs.

"Thank you for your hard work, and for giving so much of your attention to detail. I learnt a lot from you."

Soba, London / Sri Lanka (Tailoring classes, pattern-cutting, design with Indian fabrics)

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