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I'm Sandrine.


My name is Sandrine Anterrion.

I am a Fashion illustrator and designer based in London.

I am a French-Born visual artist, writer and Fashion designer, from Martinique (French West-Indies).

I have lived in the UK for 25 years, and have drawn and designed Fashion from a very young age.
I have always loved to observe movement, body shapes, hair, facial expressions and body language. The above are a great source of inspiration for me, as well as various Opera and Theatre stages, and Dance.

Textile analysis: Red satin

Because I am also a dancer, I am passionate about creating and making performance costumes for Latin and Arabic dance forms, specifically.

I love to analyse movement, cloth, body language; and those are all great inspirations for both my choreography work, my acting as well as my Fashion work.
I very much enjoy putting into words matters as observed when it comes to the quantification of stimuli presented to the mind by clothing and fabrics.

Hollywood Style; Hitchcock's Rebecca

I am forever in awe of textiles and the multitude of styles in material, shape and texture.

I could not possibly upload all of my work to date, on this website...
This would have to include Jewellery Design, Wedding Gown creations, other Dance Illustrations, Set Designs, Storyboards, Marketing material, Video Editing, Textile Design, etc...

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For more fashion analysis material, please visit:

I would be more than happy to forward samples of your choice, to your email or postal address.


Dance costume design

Couture or Bridal fashion design

Scenario design

Fashion accessory design

Feel free to contact me...


Email -

Tel - +44 7463 609 403

Sandrine Anterrion fashion illustrator painter in London
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