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John 1:5, ch.2


I love applying Rhinestones all over my textiles, costumes, and hosiery.

It is a lovely process; a reminder of Light over Evil, a concert of gems over dullness.

Myriads of tiny Rhinestones dancing in victory all over the cloth; a bit like an algorithm of positivity.

Many civilisations in the East have favoured this tradition. They design the Universe over satin, pour out Heavenly protection all over their sons and daughters.

Indian and Arabic textile and costume industries have lit up the room, by adding minute copies of the sun to their cloths.

Life everywhere, I feel, should be celebrated by adding a multitude of reverberating stars onto boring outfits. Life itself is a constant denial of negativity, a perpetual growth in Spirit, a constantly-regenerating need to find the Light.

Life should be injected everywhere.

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